Paranormal Romance: a sub-genre that focuses on romance and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending together themes from the genres of traditional fantasy, science fiction, or horror. Common hallmarks are romantic relationships between humans and vampires, shape shifters, ghosts, and other entities of a fantastic or otherworldly nature and can also include characters with psychic abilities.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hello my lovely addicts!
I am looking for a guest reviewer or two to help with this pile of review requests that I have and to post reviews of their own reads as well. 

Here is what I am looking for:
  • Someone who has a love for Paranormal Romance 
  • Someone who can contribute a review at least once a month
  • Someone who can write an honest review saying why they liked/didn't like a book w/o bashing the author
  • Someone with good grammar skills

As those who follow my reviews here know that this blog is dedicated to Paranormal Romance and/or closely related genres. I like to keep them short at PRA, if you prefer longer reviews that is fine though, but I would prefer to keep with the style here. As to spoilers, I am okay with a reviewer giving small spoilers as long as they are clearly marked as such. 
I would also prefer someone who doesn't have their own book blog or plans on starting one soon but if you are able to contribute regularly here and run your own blog at the same time without problems that would be fine. 
99.9% of the review request that I receive are in digital format, so if you would like to review these books you will need to have an ereader device or app. I would like these reviews to be completed within a week of receiving. Also, a lot of the review requests I receive are from self-published or small publisher authors so you will have to be okay with that. =) If you would like to post your personally reads instead of review request please notate it in the comments section of the request form below. You do not have to be a professional reviewer, Lord know's I'm not! LoL You just need a love of reading. =)

Okay, I think that's it. If you are interested please just fill out the form below. Thank you so much and I appreciate everyone's time! 

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