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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mini Review: Hearts Untamed – Feral Warriors short by Pamela Palmer

Hearts Untamed – Feral Warriors short
Pamela Palmer
ISBN 0061894451

stunning beauty should be thrilled when her lost love finally returns, but instead she fears for their immortal lives...

4 Loveys!

I just grabbed this anthology for the Feral Warriors short and I absolutely loved it.

Julianne moved to the Alexandria Therian enclave after both of her parents were killed. A young man named Zeeland befriends her and is her best friend until she matures and her feelings for him start to change. At twenty she finally asks Zee to be with her only to have him refuse and take off the next day, he is gone for the next ten years. Zee assumes that Juli knows why he left, she was five years too young for Therian’s to have sex and he was terrified that he might give in, but Juli is humiliated by the incident and thinks that Zee was horrified by her offer. Zee is finally coming back home and Juli wants to see the man that she still loves but she has a huge secret that will end his life if he ever discovers it, and Zee is way too perceptive. Right away Zee knows there is something the matter and corners her every chance he gets, but he always seems to get sidetracked by his need for her and things get pretty steamy. When Zee finally figures out Juli is part Ilina, a supposed extinct race, and she must find a necklace the Queen wants before the Ilina’s threats become actions he helps her in the search despite the threat to himself. With the help of the Ferals, one in particular, they might just find it in time to save both of their lives.

A great short story with cameos from three of the Feral Warriors, it gives you a little hint of stories to come (Rapture Untamed & Hunger Untamed).  I liked both Zee and Juli but I wouldn’t have been as forgiving as Juli if I was in her shoes. With their past history the relationship develops fast but is still believable, not an over abundance of world building which is great for a short, just enough to imagine the characters surroundings. The end felt a bit short but that is to be expected in an anthology. A great lil’ read!

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